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CHC PATHS is an online tool for the Commonwealth Honors College community. A UMass NetID is required to log in.

Honors students must use CHC PATHS to set up the course contracts for an independent study honors (ISH) course, or an Honors Thesis (Research Manuscript, T, or Portfolio, P) (499Y/T/P) course. Faculty members and honors thesis committee members use CHC PATHS to review and authorize these contracts.

If you are submitting a contract proposed for Spring 2020, follow the instructions immediately below. If you are submitting a contract for Fall 2019, the submission is late, and your faculty sponsor must add the appeal that must accompany any proposal submitted now. See the appeal instructions at the bottom of this page.

December 12, 2019 is the deadline for submission by the student of Honors contract-course proposals on PATHS. In addition, note that students cannot be registered for a course that requires permission for a course overload until that permission is granted.

This deadline is for all Honors contract-course proposals, including those for senior theses or portfolios, and those that are independent study courses.

The deadline for all faculty approvals to be submitted on PATHS is January 30, 2020. Faculty approvals are required from either the faculty instructor (1 or 2-credit add-on ISH to an existing course), or the supervisor of a stand-alone independent study, and the Honors Program Director of the department in which the course is to be registered.

Once all approvals are received, the contract-course proposal will be reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee of the Commonwealth Honors College. Before submitting, please review the requirements for the information that must be included in the proposal.

For details of the thesis process and requirements see

Note that the second member of the committee for a thesis or portfolio must be named in proposals for the second semester of the thesis course.

For other independent study honors contract proposals, see the information available at

Appeals Procedure for CHC PATHS Submissions for Fall Semester 2019 After the September 12, 2019 Deadline

The deadline for submission and completion of faculty approvals of Honors contract-course proposals on PATHS was 11:59 p.m. on September 12, 2019 and has now passed. Submissions after the deadline will not be reviewed for approval by the CHC Academic Standards Committee unless they are accompanied by a Faculty Appeal. This appeal must be written in PATHS on the student's behalf by the student’s faculty sponsor (ISH) or committee chair (499T/P/Y). Click on the "Post Comment to Faculty" link if comments have already been made or, if not, enter text in the dialog box that will appear after the "Approve" button has been clicked. Please put into the comments box the information requested below.

The Faculty Appeal must

  1. specify the extenuating circumstances necessitating late registration
  2. demonstrate that a semester's worth of work for the credits requested will indeed be completed on the project during Fall 2019. The CHC credit-hour requirement is a minimum of 3 hours of honors work per credit each week for the entire 13-week semester, not including attendance at group meeting or meeting with advisers and near-peer mentors.